Top 4 Bottled Water Fitness Products With No Additives

Water is critical for beauty, weight loss and overall health—proper hydration can be considered one of the most important health and fitness hacks. With so many fitness water products on the market, it can be hard to choose. Surprisingly, there are only a handful of purified water brands that truly adhere to what we might consider healthy. Here are four brands that truly contain no additives.

1. Nestlé’s Pure Life Purified Water

Pure Life has been around since 1976 when they began as importers of Perrier, the well known natural sparkling mineral water. Nestle gathers their water from springs, wells and municipal supplies. The water is transferred via stainless steel pipe to their facility in North America. The company employs scientists who use microbiological testing on a weekly basis to ensure the water is a high quality before they even begin filtering and purifying it.

Nestle’s intensive process removes chlorine before they add their own select variety of minerals to ensure a pleasurable taste. This is where Nestle get it right—their selection of minerals means the result of their filtration and distillation isn’t just a bland, tasteless wet sensation, but a tasty beverage.

2. Propel Fitness Water with Electrolytes

From the makers of Gatorade, Propel Fitness Water uses a higher level of electrolytes than is usually found in purified water. We lose a lot of electrolytes through sweat when we work out and engage in physical activity. While normal tap water goes a bit of the way toward replacing these vital elements of our biochemistry, levels of sodium and potassium are often inadequately replaced.
Sodium and potassium are vital to every fitness fanatic’s biological makeup they help transfer information between the brain and muscles. Longer training duration depletes the levels to a greater extent, which is why athletes such as football players and distance runners can be in danger.

Propel fitness water includes 160mg of sodium and 45gm of potassium compared to 1.2mg and 0mg respectively, with tap water.

3. Penta Ultra-Purified Water

Penta Water pushes the limits with their ultra-purified water – using medicinal grade oxygenated water to deliver greater support to the muscles at a faster rate. Their 13 step purification process takes 11 hours per bottle, making it the ultimate when it comes to bottled water with no additives.  and is available online and at select health stores. Penta is a Californian company with a health and fitness blog to support their tribe’s goals. They are one of the most active purified water companies on social media, with an Instagram account @PENTAWATER where they share posts on a regular basis.

4. Alkalife

Alkalife likes to make the point that most bottled water is merely tap water “purified.” Their contribution to the bottled water market for fitness buffs is the only 10pH spring water on the market. pH is a measure of acidity, with lower values signifying higher levels. A 10 is a very alkaline (non-acidic) level, which is important for things like preventing acid erosion of your teeth.
Alkalfife’s high pH combined with their inclusion of electrolytes makes them a firm contender to Penta’s dominance of the fitness water market.

Whichever option you choose, make sure that the water is purified, contains electrolytes (and oxygenated, preferably) and has a high pH.

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