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MagnuMax Testosterone Booster – I have been researching products like this supplement for some time now and let me tell you, this is actually one of the few that I’ve found that actually works. As a personal trainer past the 30’s mark it is essential not only for the guys I train but for myself to find a quality testosterone booster. There are a number of reasons why it is important to take a supplement to boost testosterone, and I will get into that a bit later. Lately the guys at the gym have been asking about ways to improve their performance during and after their workouts and as a number of them are over 35 I know the best option is a supplement that has a proven effect on testosterone.

I have been scammed more than once in my search for quality supplements. Every couple of months I try out something new so I can always be on top of the latest products on the market and always be prepared to offer only the best to my guys. I first heard about this product from a fellow personal trainer that was recommending as the best he’s ever tried. At 42 years old he had great energy and was getting results much faster than before, not to mention his ability to build and maintain muscle mass. He provided me with the official website so I can dig a little deeper and find out more about the supplement.

It looked quite similar to the many supplement websites I’ve seen in the past but regardless I decided to stick to it and continue my research. As my colleague mentioned that he has been taking the supplement for over 3 months now and is fully satisfied I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to offer the guys the newest hit product.

What the official website claims is that you will look and feel more ripped by up to 58%, get a 41% increase in athletic endurance, and feel a 29% reduced fatigue after workouts. These numbers look very realistic and are just what I was looking for. What MagnuMax does as per the official website is help your body drastically boost testosterone levels. This is all possible through high quality ingredients that have been thoroughly researched and proven to improve levels of testosterone and wellbeing. You will experience an increased strength and stamina all the while significantly reduce body fat percentages, increase fat free mass, increase sex drive, and build overall gross muscle power.

It turns out that this product has already been quite popular in the USA and is considered the #1 supplement for working out and is not only used but recommended by athletes, bodybuilders, and users. This I am almost certain of since it was actually brought to my attention by a satisfied user. I also am now a user and am very happy with the results, which I will share a little later.

What is MagnuMax and Why is it Important?

Testosterone is key to men’s health especially when they pass their 30’s mark. Generally at puberty your body releases high levels of testosterone. These levels begin to gradually decrease as early as your 20’s but generally this occurs once you pass your 30’s. As testosterone levels begin to decrease you experience a number of problems including inability to lose weight and gain muscle mass, reduced energy, mood changes, and a decrease in libido. These are just a few of the problems men face when they experience a drop in testosterone and in many cases write the symptoms off as fatigue from work or stress when in fact these are problems that can easily be fixed with a boost with a product like MagnuMax. What’s great is that you simply continue what you are doing, working out, going to work, enjoying life but with a small change, taking the supplement twice daily. You will get an initial boost of testosterone which will continue to increase as your body gets used to the supplement and it begins to take effect over time.

Benefits of Taking MagnuMax:

  • No Dangerous Negative Side Effects
  • No Dangerous Ingredients
  • Get Lean and Ripped
  • 100% Legal and Powerful
  • Work Harder and Longer at the Gym and in Bed
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Increase Bench Press by up to 67%
  • More Strength
  • Build Muscle Faster
  • Increase Testosterone Levels by up to 16.4%

Ingredients Of MagnuMax:

One of the things that somewhat worried me was the fact that there isn’t a full list of ingredients on the official website. This however, I easily and quickly overcame when I spoke with my colleague that let me know that he’s done a full research of each ingredient and they are all not only powerful and effective but very safe. One listed ingredient however is LJ100 or its official name Eurycoma Longifolia Extract. This is the main ingredient found in this product and is a bioactive glylorotein which has been clinically proven through recent researches that it has androgenic properties. It has been taken by athletes and bodybuilders in the past to help boost performance, increase testosterone levels, build muscle mass and increase strength all the while boost interest in sex with stronger and longer erections.

I have searched high and low and did not find any information about it causing side effects of any sort. It is considered safe and effective by numerous medical websites that have nothing to do with bodybuilding or supplements (very important as they do not advertise but inform).

My Experience With MagnuMax:

When I first heard about the supplement I was skeptical. I admit that I am somewhat tired of ordering supplements online as I feel like I am scammed in the end because of low quality and relatively bad customer service. The difference about this supplement form the rest that I’ve ordered is that this one was recommended rather than me just being hooked on an advertisement. A colleague recommended I consider this supplement as he has already taken it for over 3 months and is very happy with the results. On several occasions he’s called the customer service phone number to confirm purchases or even to add an extra bottle to his order and he says that they were quick to answer and provide information as needed.

After thoroughly researching the product and rummaging through the numerous scam websites online that try and represent it I found some forums and comments regarding the company and product quality as well I decided to order. Rather than ordering online and not communicating with a real person I decided to check out their customer service. I gave them a call to see how long I would have to wait and in general the type of service I would get. The customer service representative that I spoke to, Anne, was very friendly and quick to answer any of my questions. She gave me full information about their 15 day trial and informed me about their cancellation policy. I asked her how difficult it was to cancel and she actually quietly told me that though it is very easy their job is to try and convince the customer to continue ordering, so I expect they will try and resell the product to me and convince me to stick to it. Nothing all too different from any other membership program or trial regardless if it’s a supplement. This seemed reasonable enough and I went ahead and ordered directly from her.

About 3 days later I received my new bottle of MagnuMax and since it was earlier in the day I decided to start straight away. Within a half hour of taking my first pill I felt somewhat more energetic and positive. I felt the need to work out and improve myself. Heading to the gym I thought that the effects would dissipate by the time I got there but once I started pumping I was impressed. Though the first few days it certainly wasn’t like it is now there is still an obvious effect and real results even from the first pill.

Jumping two weeks down the line I decided to continue with the supplement and not cancel before my trial was over as I was getting better and better effects. I could literarily feel my testosterone increasing. I felt more energetic and certainly more motivated to get it all done. Though I am a personal trainer part time I still work a regular job during the day. I could actually even feel the effects not only in my pumps at the gym but also at work. It felt as if I was getting more done, more positive throughout the day, and in general felt healthy and great. I have had absolutely no side effects so far and plan on continuing taking the supplement.

About a month after taking the supplement I decided to check an old picture of myself taken a while before ordering the supplement and comparing it to the reflection in the mirror I was impressed. I not only felt ripped and energetic but the reflection showed more distinct muscles, a fuller body built, and in general an overall improvement. I honestly did not expect such results in just a month after I first started taking the supplement. The added benefit of improved performance under the sheets was certainly welcomed as well. My wife said that my recent performance in the bedroom with her reminded her of our college years when we first met, quite an impressive compliment that I haven’t heard in a while.

Is MagnuMax Recommended?

Since then I have recommended this supplement to the guys I train at the gym and some have been taking it for nearly 2 weeks now. I see a significant change in them as well. The important thing is to remember that this is no magic pill. If you want results you have to work for them, this supplement simply helps you get the results faster and have a boost in the final image. The supplement is not meant to replace your current workout or healthy diet, but work with it to help you reach your goals.

As this product was recommended to me I decided to pass down the good deed and recommend it to anyone looking to build muscles, feel energetic, and get an overall testosterone boost. If you are a man feeling the symptoms of low testosterone you will certainly enjoy the numerous benefits of MagnuMax.

How and Where to Buy MagnuMax Pills?

Again, I questioned my decision in going ahead with the purchase when I discovered their terms. But honestly, is there a supplement on the market today that does not have these terms anymore? Considering that the supplement is effective as per my colleague’s experience (and now mine) I see no reason to worry. But as you will read in my personal account of using this product and dealing with this company I was actually rather impressed by their customer service and quality of the product.

You do not buy the product straight away. You are actually given a 15 day option to try the product without being charged. I have seen many people complain about this in the past with other supplements when I’ve read the reviews and I don’t see what the problem is. If you cancel within the 15 day trial you will NOT be charged for the product. Just call and cancel and send the rest of the pills back to the company and they will never bother you again. If you are satisfied do absolutely nothing and after the 15 day trial is over you will be charged the full price of the bottle $84.87. Then, 47 days later you will receive another 30 day supply of the product and subsequently will be charged $84.87 plus free shipping. You will continue to receive the product until you call and cancel your order. I actually made sure I was satisfied with the customer service before I committed completely to this company and product.

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