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Fitness is all about what goes into your body vs. what comes out of it, right? Less in and more out equals a body that is constantly burning fat in order to create energy. When this process occurs, the body’s temperature raises and needs cooling and the liver, which processes waste, is put under pressure.

Though it’s common to hear terms like “water helps flush out toxins,” it’s more accurate to say that water helps the kidney do its job properly, because a dehydrated kidney doesn’t work as efficiently as a hydrated one.

Water is expelled in a manner that helps flush out toxins—and that is via sweat! All those rock stars who party hard and make you wonder how they are still alive are most likely surviving and thriving because of all those stage performances where they sweat everything out night after night.

That’s how water helps—but there are different types of water, so which type of water is best for your needs?

There’s a reason why fitness buffs and athletes flock to purified bottled water—they know that it’s one of the ultimate wellness and fitness hacks. If you’re wondering what the difference is, you’re not alone. Water has to go through a specialized treatment process to earn the name “purified.” It involves distillation, reverse osmosis and de-ionization, which together removes all the impurities that exist in water. After the impurities are removed, pure oxygen is added to the water so that the water is crisp tasting, clean and adheres to both IBWA and FDA standards. These processes also eliminate the horrible chlorine taste that is present in a lot of tap water.

Drinking enough water will help you: • Sleep better • Age slower • Increase athletic performance • Stave off hunger

• Reduce stress

According to Medical Daily, 75% of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration. This is very bad for your system and overall health—dehydration can cause your muscles to work inefficiently and reduce melatonin and other vitamins and minerals in your system. This makes it difficult to get quality sleep, exercise properly and lose weight. The mineral imbalance also causes mood swings and a loss of elasticity in our skin, causing wrinkles and crepey skin.

No matter what the nature of your sport—or whether fitness goals are simply to look and feel good—proper hydration is paramount to your success. While there are a multitude of purified bottled water brands available, the best purified bottled water will depend on the quality of oxygen added to the water after the distillation and de-ionization process. Make sure to choose a brand of purified bottled water that includes a high grade medicinal grade oxygen.

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