CES 2017 Delivers The Next Wave of Beauty Hacks

The BeautyTech Summit at the world-famous Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas last week and this year’s beauty innovations are some of the coolest we’ve ever seen. They take beauty hacks to the next level and will help us streamline our routines and look better than ever.

Here are some of our favorite highlights from CES.

The First Smart Hairbrush

When it comes to brushes, we’ve never seen anything like the Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings. It pairs with your SmartPhone and collects data with a dedicated mobile app to measure the quality of your hair. It assesses how well your routine is working and even vibrates to let you know when you’ve brushed too hard. This unrivalled tool even gives you personalized advice and product recommendations for improving the health of your hair. It’s lightweight, water-resistant and features a blend of professional-grade boar’s hair and nylon bristles. We predict it will be an absolute must-have.

Samsung S-Skin

This clever, portable gadget is like having an in-home dermatologist at your beck and call. When you hold the Samsung S-Skin skin reader up to your skin, it analyzes and tracks skin issues such as redness, dehydration, breakouts and wrinkles before they happen. It then treats the skin using a microneedle patch that deeply penetrates to deliver and enhance the absorption of products.

HiMirror Plus

One of the world’s first smart beauty mirrors, HiMirror Plus takes the guesswork out of putting on makeup. This high-tech gadget simulates five different lighting scenarios so that your makeup is perfect for the environment you’ll be in. The HiMirror Plus also analyzes your skin care regimen and tracks the condition of your skin over time to see if your products are working. When paired with HiSkin, a hand-held device that connects to it, the HiMirror Plus can assess other important factors effecting the dermis, including moisture levels, acne scars, dark circle, subcutaneous pigmentation and environment.

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Image courtesy of L’oreal


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