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Brainup IQ Reviews: Who doesn’t want to be smarter and concentrate better? Recently Brainup IQ is everywhere you look. I decided to search out some “smart” pills to help out with my concentration and the first one that caught my eye was this. It promises that it is the #1 rated smart pull that has only all natural ingredients. It promises not only that you will be able to concentrate better but even that your IQ will skyrocket. Right. Offering intense concentration allowing for a clear mind and optimal mental absorption which allows for ultimate mental clarity it helps enhance neurotransmitters in the brain and gives cognitive precision like no other supplement on the market today. Today nootropics have taken over the market and nearly every “smart pill” supplement has them. They claim that this is exactly what makes their supplement so effective but the question is: Is there really a pill out there that can make you smarter? I think not.

I was actually interested in finding a supplement to help me concentrate and reduce stress. I heard about someone taking a similar pill at work and though that it would definitely help me get the most out of my hard work. I wanted to focus better and in general, be more effective. When I came upon a list of different supplements offering not only more concentration and focus but an increased IQ I had to give one a shot and of course, share my experience.

What is Brainup IQ?

Of course, the official website wants to focus on showing how you need their supplement and they do a real good job at it. They claim that we all have a problem and this problem starts once we pass the benchmark age of 30. This means, as per their claims, that we generally get stupider once we pass this age. They claim we lose “brain power” as well as loss of “cognitive performance”. So, regardless how well your brain performed before once you pass the 30 year mark it will not perform as well and slowly get worse. They certainly did a great job of making me feel completely stupid and of course, that I absolutely need their supplement.

Here are some of the symptoms of a brain that needs this supplement or a serious boost:

  • Low mental performance
  • Low energy
  • Less motivation
  • Less focus
  • Concentration difficulty
  • Forgetfulness

Well then, I think that I have had this problem far before I reached the 30’s mark but I guess I am well ahead of my time then heh?

So as it turns out I have aged quite quickly as once I passed 16 I started feeling these outrageous symptoms of the aging mind. I think everyone can agree that they have had plenty of such moments. It feels as though this list is well thought out for you to go down it and say, yup…I NEED THIS! When in fact it’s not really true. As per the official website between the ages of 25 and 70 we can lose up to 60% of our focus and overall brain power. Though I am sure there is some truth to this I highly doubt it’s that extreme.

Of course they shared some facts about how the brain works as well as of course the way sharpness of memory drops as early as 30 but though it does have something to do with aging there are other factors as well. One of these factors is how the food we eat on a daily basis is what depletes or brainpower ad abilities. Of course, here they play on our everyday laziness to eat healthy and mention of course that in order for us to fix this and prevent brain depletion is to change our diet drastically or simply take Brainup IQ and all our troubles will be over. Can’t pass up an offer like that right? If you do not take these supplements or change your diet drastically with very strict brain food you will gradually grow stupider and stupider every day. Great. With an offer like that I highly doubt many people would pass up the opportunity of getting an easy fix. Well played Brainup IQ, well played.

What the Brainup IQ Formula Offers?

The official website discusses its impressive formula and of course advertises it further with research data and the way the supplement functions in general.

Memory Boost – you will experience extreme memory boost. Research showed that both males and females (early 20’s to late 30’s) experienced noticeably significant short term memory and some increase in their long term memory and 40 to 65 year olds experienced increase in both significantly.

Increased Energy – you will experience increased brain energy. You will experience this the moment you take the supplement and will continue to experience it staying focused and alert all day long. Once you are ready to get to bed in the evening you will be able to sleep better and there is no mid-afternoon crash.

Improved Focus and Motivation – of course here they try and make it seem as if you cannot live without this supplement because you have serious problems with your brain. Although it is true, that every day brain cells die they make it seem as though your brain is slowly dying and you get stupider by the minute. Of course, daily stress and your diet certainly plays a major role in this but I highly doubt it is this serious.

The vitamins and ingredients found in the supplement are perfectly dosed in order to ensure your brain gets improvement in all necessary areas such as focus, problem solving capabilities, and short and long term memory.

How Does it Work?

One thing that I did NOT like about the official website, as it turns out among many others, is that they share absolutely no real information on how Brainup IQ works. I have a hard time trusting a website that does not share the ingredient information of the product they sell because that means that the ingredients may not be effective or even safe. I like to do deep research into the ingredients to find out more about what they are, their effects, and if there are any possible side effects. What I did find was just how “safe” the supplement was and in general how to take it. If you take only one pill a day you get the results and how it is 100% natural. This is far from the needed information to convince me that this really has any real effects. They discuss their perfect cognitive blend and how your energy and focus will be boosted, that’s just about it.

Of course, there was no shortage of benefits listed though:

  • Boost Memory
  • Overall Brain Boost
  • A LOT More Focus
  • Better Mood
  • Improved Brain Reaction
  • Super Energy
  • Memory Recall Boost

More or less just repeating everything over and over again that they have already mentioned before and of course after. Nothing new, nothing informative, and certainly nothing to convince you that this supplement really is effective with real facts.

Why I Trust Brainup IQ?

I personally do believe that there may be some positive effects from this supplement. Regardless of the lack of information for them to be selling it it must have shown some real results, even if they are slight. What really turned me off though is the way they advertise it and how they omit a lot of important information that will give me real promise of its effects. The information provided was just repeated throughout the website without any real backing or facts, just claims by a random website found in search of a supplement. Nothing more. I did take my research out of the official website and honestly I could not find that many people that have really tried it. There are plenty of comments though, both positive and negative and honestly, nearly all looked incredibly fake. Either paid by this company for the positive or by the competition for the negative because nothing looked genuine.

Today what I have found is that Nootropics have taken over the internet. Wherever you look it’s the latest Nootropic product being sold. Of course they don’t overlook mentioning how it is the most potent and most effective Nootropic out there today and is the leading “smart pill” on the market. Of course, EVERY SINGLE other supplement I have found online offering similar results claims exactly that. I could not find real information about what Nootropics are, I could not find information about how they work, and nowhere did I find real studies on whether they are safe. The official Brainup IQ website does give a definition but it goes as far as saying that it helps improve mental function which consists of motivation, concentration, intelligence, attention, and cognition but absolutely nothing else.

The one thing that at this point I feel is good about this supplement is the fact that it is natural. Nothing more. This of course, I cannot confirm anywhere because there is no list of ingredients so it is still more or less shady.

What I’ve Found Online?

I did research on other websites aside from the official on Brainup IQ to see if I can get some real comments and feedback on the supplement. Of course, as I mentioned before, I could not find anything realistic. I wanted to see if someone provided a list of ingredients, a real study, or anything but nothing to be found. The reviews I found, though mostly positive, were completely fake and repeated themselves from forum to forum and from website to website which was so obvious that it was pointless to even read them.

I Ordered and Experienced:

Well, for this to be a complete review I did have to order the supplement. Personally I know well enough that I have a sensitive stomach so unfortunately I took it only for 15 days because it did not sit well with me. This does not mean that it will have the same effect on you so I would not be worried in this sense. What should worry you though is that I did not feel anything. I had no light bulb flashing over my head and my memory magically being boosted or feeling smarter. I experienced some added energy and more motivation I guess, but nothing extreme to note. There was no light at the end of the tunnel and no special results. This could be because I took it for such a short time, or it could be because it is just ineffective. Either way, I can’t say I am all too happy with the results.

In Conclusion:

When you look at it from a financial point the price is actually pretty decent. It’s more or less the same as with other similar products. I cannot say that there are any real results and that the benefits listed are realistic but I think it may have some sort of effect. Unfortunately they advertise it to such an extent that they give unrealistic hopes which in turn leads to disappointment. By over advertising they are actually doing themselves a big disfavor if you ask me.

Do not fall for the claims that you get stupid as you age, you get wiser and your brain learns to concentrate on what’s important. At least that’s how I feel better about losing my focus and forgetting things. I think that the product may actually be effective but Brainup IQ is certainly not what the official website claims.

Where to Buy?

There is another thing I DID like about the official website. This is that they don’t try and pull you into the “free” trial scam which I have seen all too often. The moment I actually see this type of offer and it being the only option to buy automatically scares me and I run in the other direction. There are no signs of auto-ship memberships only the following options which is good:

  • 5 Bottles – $149.95
  • 3 Bottles – $113.82
  • 1 Bottle – $49.95

One thing I did notice is that they have a 90 day money back guarantee but there isn’t much information about it. I personally steer clear of all these promises as they always leave a loophole out of which to get out of it so don’t trust it entirely and don’t put your money down for it unless you are ready to be disappointed. Just be ready to spend the $50 and if it works good, if not be ready to lose it.

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