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Today is National Trail Mix Day—the perfect time to create your own healthy antioxidant-rich blend as a nutrition hack. Trail Mix is an excellent way to fill up on healthy fats, fuel your workout and load up on antioxidants. However,… Is your metabolism running slow down or has your weight plateaued despite all the diet hacks you’ve tried? This can be the frustrating reason you can’t shed those last few stubborn pounds. Even when you eat right and exercise regularly, there… Fitness is all about what goes into your body vs. what comes out of it, right? Less in and more out equals a body that is constantly burning fat in order to create energy. When this process occurs, the body’s temperature… If you’re as obsessed with Sriracha as we are, you will love this recipe! It’s healthy, low in carbs, spicy and delicious—making it one of our favorite diet hacks. Chicken is always an excellent choice since it’s an essential source… You’ve probably read how so many fitness gurus, celebrities and beautiful people of the world start their day with lemon water. It’s been touted as everything from a cleansing mainstay and healing tonic to one of the easiest and most… The 4th of July is everyone’s favorite summer holiday, but it’s also a time when many fall off their health and fitness track. One bad weekend—or even day—can derail some a chunk of the progress you’ve made with your healthy… When it comes to diet hacks, this recipe makes for an ideal meal any time of day. This dish is fun and delicious, yet will keep you on track with your weight loss goals and fill you up whether you… When it comes to refreshing summer salads, this recipe for Cucumber Feta salad is hard to beat. It’s savory and delicious, low in calories and fat, and packed with nutrients that will help you stay on track with your diet… One of the most popular health and diet hacks at the moment is intermittent fasting. It’s considered one of the best diet hacks because it requires less effort and makes life and dieting simpler—especially considering there is less cooking, cleanup… This recipe for Tomato & Watermelon Salad is the absolute essence of summer—light, refreshing and packed with nutrients. Tomatoes and watermelon are two excellent sources of lycopene, a powerful carotenoid that gives these foods their reddish hue and packs a…

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