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The reasons we get sore throats may vary—it can be allergies, infection, smoking or a night of partying. However, they are typically caused by a virus or bacteria. While many types can be treated by antibiotics, viral sore throats cannot. Yet this doesn’t mean we have to live with a painful, swollen throat that makes it difficult to talk, eat and drink. There are easy, inexpensive and natural ways to treat a sore throat that reduce the pain and promote faster healing.

Try one of these three life hacks for healing a sore throat and let us know how they work for you.

1. Gargle with Himalayan sea salt. One of the easiest ways to obliterate a sore throat is to gargle with a simple solution of warm water and Himalayan sea salt. This pretty pink salt is loaded with trace minerals that boost immunity and battles all sorts of viruses, fungi and bacterium better than regular iodized salt—and it tastes much milder. In addition, Himalayan Sea Salt is packed with potassium, which helps fight bloating and promotes healthy gums. Simply warm one cup of water, add one teaspoon or so of Himalayan sea salt and gargle at least twice a day for best results. You can also buy Himalayan salt glasses, add warm water and let it sit for a few minutes so that some of the salt dissolves into it.

2. Raw Honey. An old school yet effective remedy is to consume a spoonful of raw honey, preferably Manuka, which has a remarkable nutritional profile and a greater level of antibacterial enzymes than regular honey. The natural compounds honey contains help combat the bacteria and quickly soothe the throat. The best way to consume it is to dissolve two teaspoons into a cup of herbal tea. You can boost the effects of this remedy by adding one half teaspoon of turmeric, which boasts powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Coconut Oil. This serious multitasking oil will immediately coat your throat to soothe the pain and fight off the infection with its bevy of anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties. Melt one tablespoon with warm water on low heat and gargle it. You can also add it to tea, a smoothie or with a tablespoon of Manuka honey for powerful results.

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