10 Halloween Diet Hacks

Halloween is packed with temptation, making it the perfect day for diet hacks! You can still have fun and indulge, but in moderation. Even if it’s your cheat day, you don’t want to trigger a snowball effect, especially with the holidays around the corner. If you follow these Halloween diet hacks below, you’ll enjoy your holiday without wreaking havoc on your waistline.

1. Buy Candy Late in the Game

Wait until the last minute to buy Halloween candy—and if your hood doesn’t get trick-or-treaters, avoid buying it altogether. Store the treats deep in the pantry until the night of to avoid temptation. Much research shows that just the sight of candy makes us imagine eating it, which incites cravings. Leave it out of sight until the first trick-or-treater arrives.

2. Buy Candy You Don’t Like

Avoid buying candy that you like, especially your favorites. While no one wants to be the house giving out lame treats, you can find ones that don’t appeal to you. This will stop you from indulging in between doorbell rings.

3. Work it Out

Be sure to hit the gym, go for a run or take an exercise class the morning of. If you think you may indulge a little, increase the duration of your workout. Try to squeeze in an extra walk as well to burn off extra calories and keep you motivated.

4. Stock Up on Healthy Snacks

Stave off cravings by having healthy snacks on hand. You’ll need some for the office, since there’s bound to be lots of temptation around. Have a nice bowl of fruit or stash a protein bar to keep your appetite in check while you’re handing out treats.

5. Eat Normally

Follow your regular meal plan during the day. Don’t “save up” to have extra treats by skipping meals. You’ll be extra hungry and will most likely overeat. Halloween candy is low in fiber and protein, but high in sugars and calories—it won’t fill you up and will add empty calories to your daily count.

6. Earn That Treat With the 90-Second Workout

Squeeze in some quick moves before indulging in something sugary. Do a minute and a half of squats, lunges, burpees or whatever your favorite move is. This helps push sugar into muscles so that it’s used as energy and not stored as fat. Do the 90-second workout several times throughout the day.

7. Hydrate Like It’s Your Job

Studies show that we often mistake thirst for hunger. Avoid this by staying hydrated and reach for water whenever you think you’re hungry. Drink green tea throughout the day as well to help rev your metabolism and up your antioxidant intake.

8. Bribe Yourself

If you must indulge, then bribe yourself. Have some healthy vegetables first and then reward yourself with a small treat. Choose some high-fiber veggies so that you fill up on the good stuff and limit the treats. You can also eat half an avocado—the healthy fats and high fiber content definitely satiates hunger pangs.

9. Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

If you do get off track on Halloween, don’t hold on to it. Forgive yourself and move on. Get up and make a healthy breakfast that’s rich in lean protein to help regulate your blood glucose levels. Hit the gym and let it be a new day.

10. Remove Temptation

Once Halloween is over, get rid of any extra treats. Bring them to the office, take them to a homeless shelter or donate them to a church. Just get them out of sight!

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