5 Ways to Hack a Real Workout

We’ve all been there—your day takes its toll on your energy levels and you just don’t feel up to an intense workout. Or maybe you don’t have a regular workout and just want to hack a more fit body. Either way, here are some easy and awesome fitness hacks that will help you take your body to the next level.

1. Make the most of your commute. If possible, walk to ride your bike to work or at least for a part of it or walk your kids to and from school. This will help rev your metabolism and burn extra calories throughout the day.

2. Take a commercial break. For those shows that you don’t DVR, why not make the most of the commercial breaks? Drop and do 10 pushups and situps, lunge across your living room, grab some dumbbells or even run in place for the three minute duration. If you do this every commercial break you will log a good number of minutes.

3. Cut down time sitting down. Sitting at your desk or computer can lead to an array of health issues, such as back pain, bad posture and even weight gain. Get a standing desk for your home computer to cut down on some of that time and stand whenever you can at the office. Try a standing meeting or walk to get coffee with your coworkers whenever possible. Make sure to take a break each hour to stretch or walk around for five minutes or so—you’ll burn a few extra calories and give your back a break.

4. Multitask. Instead of just standing in line or waiting for public transportation, sneak in some exercises. Even if it’s just for a couple of minutes, doing some calf raises or working on your core strength will activate your muscles and burn calories.

5. Visualize the moves. Many studies have shown that visualizing an exercise before you do it will actually prepare your body for the moves, improve and maximize your performance and boost motivation. Many athletes do this in the alpha brain wave level to help them achieve their goals—if it works for them, it will work for you too!

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